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Puddle Art II

Inspiration is found in many forms.  I’ve found that my attempts to capture this puddle image with my DLSR is just didn’t work well. But my iPod captures it just as I think it should be. Actually, I think the iPod wide angle optics works better in this case than the DLSR, which tends to breath too much depth and distortion into the image.

The puddle is a large 3 inch deep pothole on the side of the alley down the block. It collects water in it and freezes in nice patterns. I suppose its turning into an unintentional photo project.

Puddle shot from my iPod.

Puddle shot from my iPod.

Bathroom Art

Is it me, or do you find the tiger painting over a baby changing station disturbing also?


Puddle Art

Frozen puddle

Frozen puddle

As a boy, puddles were one of my favorite things. My parents thought otherwise. When winter came, puddles were not as much of an issue. Until we jumped on the frozen puddle, broke through and soaked our boots.

As an adult, the frozen contours fascinated me. And as abstract art, the puddles are quite photogenic.