Morning Drive in central Pennsylvania.

Amish are so integrated into our society in central Pennsylvania, they get their own buggy entrance at the bank.


My Review of Adorama Step-Up Adaptr Ring 67mm Lens to 77mm Filter

Good Step up ring

By Camerachemist from pa on 1/28/2014
4out of 5

Describe Yourself: Photo Enthusiast

I use this step up ring for my 18mm-105mm Nikkon lens. It allows me to directly attach 77mm filters. The action is fairly smooth but the powder coating sounded a little crunchy initially.But the machining is nice.
It is aluminum, so take care not to over tighten the filter to the ring and ring to the lens. It would be easy to strip or damage the components if you are not mindful.
I suspect those who are negative on this product don’t know how to care for equipment properly.


My Review of Adorama Step-Up Adaptr Ring 58mm Lens to 77mm Filter

Good Step up ring

By Camerachemist from PA on 1/28/2014
4out of 5

Pros: Firm Mount

Describe Yourself: Photo Enthusiast

Nice Step up ring. Fits well onto my lens and the filter. Made of aluminum and coated. The action is a bit stiff, but prevents the ring or filter from sliding off.
I should investigate using a small amount of grease to let the action slide easier.

Take care not to over tighten when using the ring. The ring could be damaged or make it a real hassle to remove. I made that mistake when using the step up ring with a filter that just wasn’t fitting on properly. It came off, but in the field it could be a problem.


Squirrels in my yard

The thaws and freezes have been tough on the squirrels, which my wife feeds. Normally this time of year they would be in a squirrel equivalent of hibernation tucked into their nests. The sunshine and promise of peanuts has drawn them out. Roughly six squirrels live in the neighborhood. But the peanuts also bring out […]

Why winter photography can suck.

Winter photography can be much less appealing than other times of the year.

Bleary sky. Dirty snow. So cold I’ve got to be careful taking the DLSR back inside.

I think I’ll just work up my photos from the fall.

Puddle Art II

Inspiration is found in many forms.  I’ve found that my attempts to capture this puddle image with my DLSR is just didn’t work well. But my iPod captures it just as I think it should be. Actually, I think the iPod wide angle optics works better in this case than the DLSR, which tends to breath too much depth and distortion into the image.

The puddle is a large 3 inch deep pothole on the side of the alley down the block. It collects water in it and freezes in nice patterns. I suppose its turning into an unintentional photo project.

Puddle shot from my iPod.

Puddle shot from my iPod.

Bathroom Art

Is it me, or do you find the tiger painting over a baby changing station disturbing also?