Bathroom Art

Is it me, or do you find the tiger painting over a baby changing station disturbing also?


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2 responses to “Bathroom Art”

  1. walkingjournalist says :

    It really all depends on what the baby thinks of tigers. If the baby is an animal lover, then the baby might just smile at the tiger picture. After all there are so many babies that visit the zoo and giggle at tigers or wonder in amazement.

    However, if the intent of the decorator or the parent or whomever put the tiger picture there was a bad intent, in that case the picture over there stinks and should be taken down.

    The picture of the tiger in the bathroom of a narcissist mother would be a horrible picture and probably be quite threatening to the child.

    However, the picture of the tiger in the bathroom of a happy-go-lucky zookeeper, well, see it’ all depends on perspective and on intention.

    So, for that person, I cannot answer that question .

    For myself, it goes deeper than the painting of a tiger.

    Personally, I would rather see a beautiful scene of a very calming blue ocean and wonderful sky in that spot.

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