Another Quick Photobomb in NOLA

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So I’m looking through my photos and I notice another photobomb. I try not to interrupt other peoples photography. In addition to being rude, I try to treat others as I hope they would treat me. The Golden Rule I suppose. If I knew them then I’d go for the platinum rule (treat them how they want to be treated), but with street photography, I don’t hang out that long.

On Bourbon St. New Orleans, people are shooting pics everywhere. I was surprised there were not more random pick pockets with the nice high end camera phone being tossed around. But then again there were cops everywhere. But they were cool, unlike in other cities, so I’ll give them a pass.

I’m walking behind another group a tourists. They had given their phone to a local guy for a shot. The group was taking up most of the street and forcing people to walk around them like a rock in a stream. I walked behind the group raised my camera and fired a few shots of the photographer. I thought it was funny because I think I’m in the shot photobombing with my own camera.

But I kept going.  Because shortly after I run into these guys.


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